Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sad Love

"And it sucks because I know he's out there falling in and out of love with girls that aren't me." -

Of all the things you've taught me, there are still two things I don't know. I don't know how to fall out of love with you and I don't know how to let go."

"A thousand words couldn't bring you back, I know because I've tried. Neither could a thousand tears, I know because I've cried. You left behind a broken heart and happy memories too. But I never wanted memories, I only wanted you."

"I saw you out last night and you seemed so surprised that I could walk right by and not blink an eye. Look at me. you probably think I'm doing fine. Good thing that you can't read my mind."

"I can't believe I just gave up. I just let you drop out of my life. I tried to make you stay, then one day it just got too hard and I saw what you really wanted was a life without me. So I gave up and now you're really gone. I wish I could make you come back, but tears, wishes, and reminiscing do nothing but make my heart break a little more."

"I'm afraid I'll end up alone. I'm scared that I'm always gonna be the 'sister' or 'friend' or the 'confidant,' not quite somebody's everything. I'm scared that I'll never find a guy that I'll love as much as I love you." - Dawson's Creek

"Just when I wanna move on, that certain someone gets me right where he wants me, and I'm right back where I started."

"Maybe I'm so caught up in getting over him I don't notice the perfect person that is sitting right in front of me, actually I'm starting to think he is standing up and doing a dance."

"I was feeling totally over him. Only a stupid crush; over done with, but then he looked at me."

"Today I woke up alone wishing you were here with me, I wanted us to be something that we'd probably never be." - the ataris, "san dimas high school football rules"

"And I'm still here waiting there to catch you if you fall, I don't know why I care so much when I shouldn't care at all." - The Ataris

"I know we've grown apart, but every now and then, I just close my eyes and here we are again."

"I just want you to think of me and miss me, when we are apart I just want you to hold me, and love me when we are together I want to be happy again and when I see you, be able to kiss you instead of give you a friendly hug. I want I want I want, but why can't I ever have?"

"So as of right now, I know what's best for me. And that's to get over him, even though I can't. My life is still lingering over every drop of love he has ever giving me. Even though I may not have always seen that love, I know it was still there, and like a fool, I let go of something so special to me, it was something I never knew I needed. And I had him.. and now as every tear I cry, I watch him slip further and further away from me. And it's my fault. It's my fault I let him make me cry, and it's my fault I am dealing with pain and misery. But if this is love... I'd do it all over again."

"No one will love me or care about me the way you did and I think that's what scares me the most, the fact that for so long you were mine, my life, my everything so now when I have to say good-bye how do I not cry, hurt and want you back?"

"I remember the worst...I think of the times I cried. I thought I couldn't hurt more but I was wrong. Because the pain of losing you then doesn't at all compare to what I feel now. Because the pain I feel now is the pain of knowing that I will never even get the chance to lose you again."

"Maybe it was something I said. Maybe it was something I did. But then again, maybe it was something I didn't say, but wanted to. And something I wanted to do, but didn't."

"I hate the stars because I look at the same ones as you do, without you."

"The most difficult thing I have yet to learn is how to live without you in my life."

"It's hard realizing that I poured my heart out to you and you act like I am some kind of idiot and that you don't want me, but I know one day you will want me and I will not want you because you always want what you can't have...But that's the way my life goes. I still love you and I will never forget you and I pray even though we never talk anymore that when you sleep at night you dream of me as I do you."

"All along there was this voice inside my head telling me to give up, telling me it's not going to happen but I listened to my heart instead, believing one day, you'd make my dreams come true. I guess that was all just wishful thinking. But now it's too late to take the good advice the voice inside my head gave me, and for some strange reason I don't regret it... Maybe it's because I'm afraid to give up hope. I'm scared that if I give up on you, I'll give up on everything."

"Lately I talk to your memory more than I should. If I could just forget the past, I would, cause this missing you isn't doing me any good."

"Maybe one day I'll realize it wasn't love."

"I will always love the false image I had of you."

"And though you think I never cared, no one will ever take your place."

"I couldn't help it when I started to cry. I've told myself that love's a lie. You know life sucks when your dreams slip away. I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday." - Lisa Gilbert

"It's so hard to say, 'I love you,' and not draw back in tears. Its so hard to know that your not there to help me face my fears. It's so hard to know the phone's at reach, but I cannot hear your voice. It's so hard to see you laughing when I'm crying deep inside. It's so hard to just find feelings and now have to make them hide. It's so hard to live without you, when I need you more then words. I want to scream how much I love you but hold back and not be heard. It's so hard to go to sleep at night when I cannot dream of you. It's so hard to think that you might fall in love with someone new. It's so hard to not start crying when I hear your favorite song. It's so hard to sit and wonder, where did I go wrong? It's so hard to live without you, if I only would have known, I will never love another, I would rather be alone."

"It's when I'm standing six feet away from you and not being able to find the words to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you that I want to just scream to the whole room that I'm still in love with you. It's when I'm sitting alone with the phone in my hand dialing your number and hanging up that I would trade a thousand tomorrows for just one yesterday. Then I could just call you to tell you goodnight. It's when I am really sad about something and need someone to talk to that I realize you're the only one who really knew me at all. It's when I cry myself to sleep at night and it hits me how much I would give to hold you at that very moment. It's when I think about you that I realize no one else in the world is meant for me."

"I'm trying really hard not to cry because every tear reminds me that I can't let go."

"I want to say I'm sorry, I want you to know I care. I want to say I'm blind for seeing something that wasn't there. I should have been more trusting, and listened to my heart, cause you're the only thing I need and it's tearing me apart."

"Pride can stand a thousand trials, the strong will never fall. But watching stars without you, my soul cried." - Des'ree

"There's no love like lost love, and no pain like a broken heart. There's no love like you and me, and no loss like us apart." - Ben Harper

"I hate to smile just to pretend I'm not hurt. I hate to giggle just to show you I'll be OK. I hate to laugh after I cry. I still love you and you've said goodbye."

"Sometimes I think I ought to call... Every couple nights or so, you know you pop into my dreams... I just can't get rid of you like you got rid of me." - Ben Folds Five

"I miss him, you know? I'm just not used to being without him. But I wanted him to think that I was." - Jack and Jill

"I thought if I pretended not to remember that we could go back to where we were before." - Felicity

"I wish I felt nothing, then it might be easy for me like it is for you."

"I'm sick of love, I wish I never met you, I'm trying to forget you. I don't know what to do - I just want to be with you." - Bob Dylan

"I can't say 'screw him' about the boy that I have come the closest to being fully in love with. I still would do anything for him and it sucks because I know he wouldn't do the same for me. That hurts more than anything, but I just can't stop loving him. Believe me I've tried."

"The tears were already there, just waiting to slip down my cheek. But it was as if I wanted to cry myself to sleep... I thought that if I was crying he would somehow feel my pain. But no matter what, I knew he could never feel it ... no matter how many tears I cried."

"I've been laying here all night listening to the rain, talking to my heart and trying to explain why sometimes I catch myself wondering what might have been. Yes, I do think about you every now and then."

"When I pass you in the halls and don't even considering saying hello-- that is when I really miss you."

"I remember every word you said, okay? I'm not that naive and I'm not that stupid. I've been broken before, I can deal. I'm not scared of moving on with my life. What I'm scared of is that I'll realize somewhere along the road, that you were my life."

"I never knew it would be this hard to lose something I never had. " - The Wonder Years

"My life is falling apart and nothing is going my way. It seems like everything is not how it should be. It was when I was with you that I felt great, like nothing mattered and everything was fine. Now that you're gone I have to deal with my problems."

"The thought of you and me together again someday is enough to get me through."

"If you loved me before and you cared about me that much before, then maybe someday you can do it again."

"Whenever I see you I start to feel sick. It used to be like the 'butterflies in your tummy, head over heels' kind of sickness ... but now it just hurts. Now it's just the 'I hate you so much, but need you with me' kind of sickness ... and all I know is that I need some medicine ... quick."

"In this weird way…I know you miss me. Not because of what we did or what we said but for what we didn't have to say. All the times we 'just knew.' I miss you too and the sad thing is I know you'll never find someone who cares for you as much as me."

"Maybe the reason we hate each other is because we can't face the fact that we are still in love."


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sunny said...

Its realy watt an awesum words, d words r enough 4 me 2 distrb dat hw much i felt misary n pain..jst 4 sum1...riter must had ben a truely lover of ol tym..thanx 2 dem..

grasya said...

i hate is pain

Palak Jain said...

“Even though you hurt me, just know that I think you’re extremely special and extraordinary.
Even though I’m not what you wanted, just know that there’s someone out there who thinks you’re everything and you’re all that she wants.
& just in case you change your mind, or don’t find what you’re looking for… I’ll be waiting here.”

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